Stacy and Jason

Well this is a real oldie! Not sure why I never shared this one and only looking back to pull images for a November wedding client i realized I never did!

Stacy and Jason got married at Quonquont Farm in Whatley, MA on July 16, 2016! This was one of my favorite weddings thus far! Jason is the brother of my best friend (Alyssa) and Stacy was probably the easiest, most fun and relaxed bride anyone can dream of! Plus they had the most perfect setting at Quonquont, what more could you want than a summer wedding at an adorable farm?



Flash Back Friday

Some LONG overdue photos of my recent travel adventures. The last few months have been non-stop not to mention going home for the holidays. Here is a SNIPIT of some of my adventures in India and NOLA (while road tripping with my friend Shirley). I guess you could say I’m looking back at 2014….

All photos © Amanda Sabga

A Quiet June at Fenway

June at Fenway park was a slow one to say the least, with only 9 home games and one weekend we had limited opportunity. But great moments awaited us. Here are my favourites!


All images © Boston Red Sox 2014

Carnival Tabanca

Tabanca- a local slang word for extreme sadness or depression. A longing for something…Carnival has come and gone and this is the feeling most people get after the 2 day celebration passes. Hope the moments I captured help your pain or encourage you to visit my beautiful home!

All images ©Amanda Sabga Photography, no commercial or unpermitted use!

Kiddies Carnival

My home, Trinidad and Tobago celebrates for 2 days in the streets for Carnival. Everyone, big and small, young and old, joins together in the streets to sing, dance and celebrate in culture and unity. Kiddies Carnival happens over a few different days but the main parade takes place on the Saturday prior to Carnival Monday and Tuesday! Hope you enjoy my countries beautiful talent, people and culture! 🙂

All images ©Amanda Sabga Photography, no commercial or unpermitted use!


Concrete Jungle

New York, New York! I took an impromptu trip to THE BIG APPLE last week and limited myself to a 50mm for the second time. I’m beginning to like the challenge! I saw some really cool things and some old friends who I hadn’t seen in way too long. All in all and awesome time with lots of exploring, walking and most importantly photographing! Hope you like what I saw 🙂

All images ©Amanda Sabga Photography, no commercial or unpermitted use!


Snow Snow Snow

I love the winter and the snow! Here are some pics I took today during winter storm Nika!

A Violin Experience

A few months ago I worked with up-and-coming violinist Rhett Price, following him around on his daily routine. I’ve wanted to display the outcome but could never find the right outlet. So…now that I’ve joined the blogging world, here goes!

Philly with a 50mm

This is quite long overdue…I visited Philly in the first few weeks of December. This is what I saw when I was there:

All images © Amanda Sabga



Jamaica Pond at Sunset! Man I love Boston!

©Amanda Sabga