First Few as Full-time

Proud to announce that I have accepted a job with the Eagle Tribune and for the last 2 (ish) weeks I have been working as a Staff Photographer out of their North Andover office!!! Can’t say enough how grateful I am to be on staff at a great establishment and newspaper! My photojournalism journey to this point has been challenging, fun and educational, but above all it has be inspirational. It’s been wonderful to work alongside so many talented journalists and photographers thus far, and I have not only learned from them, but been inspired by each one of them to continue on to do great things and be the best photojournalist I can be. That being said, my first few weeks at the Trib have been amazing and I’ve already covered a wide array of events. I look forward to my journey there and to continue working with the amazing and talented staff. I can’t wait to see where this road takes me but for now, take a look at what my first few weeks as a fully employed photographer have looked like.

P.S. please excuse the excess of fireworks and July 4th. I couldn’t help myself 🙂

All photos © Eagle Tribune 2015 / Amanda Sabga 2015

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